Tillys Tips How to Name a Construction Company

  • All big and well-known companies have one thing in common, Excellent branding and Names. Their brands and names stand out and you don’t need a lot of explaining when you see their logos or names anywhere. All these great companies know the power of branding and naming your business well. They have a team of people that handle that and produce great results. This is because coming up with a good business name can be complicated.There are various steps you can follow to have a high-class name that will define and push your business forward. Naming firms know all the trademark laws and have systems in place to ensure naming your company is smooth. You can use a branding company like Brandlance or you can try to name your business yourself with these few tips:
    1. Define your brand and Name.
    You have to review the products and services your business offers, and research on the market to determine what your customers want. It should include all key elements of your business. You carve your niche through your name and what it stands for. What your name communicates to customers is vital to your business because you won’t have to explain about your services. The name will be enough to sell your company. People love words they can easily relate to and understand. Hiring a team of professionals to help you with this is advised because they know what people are attracted to.
    2. Get Creative
    You need a name that stands out, and that involves creativity. This is especially useful when every word(s) you want to use have already been used and trademarked. You have to coin a name, without breaking any trademark laws. You need professionals to research on all available names you can use. Using another company’s name might land you in the courtroom. It is important to get professionals to help you with this. They will help you come up with coined names that are both unique and appealing to people.
    3. Test Your Name
    You need at least five names that appeal to you once you start the process. You can then proceed to do a trademark search, this will prevent you from infringing on another business’ trade name. It is important to note that not every business needs to be trademarked, but researching on unavailable names is advisable. You need to hire a company that can do all this, they have trademark attorney’s to help them. You won’t be required to find one once you hire a team of professionals. There are currently many construction company brand names in the market, you need extensive research to avoid infringing on any of them.
    4. Final Analysis
    You might end up with at least 3 names after the test. Pick the one that fits your objectives well. The one that accurately describes your company. You can decide to do consumer research or use focus groups to test how they receive or perceive the names. You can also decide to pick the one that is more appealing to you because after all, it is your company.
    Professional naming companies will need a minimum of six weeks and a maximum of 6 months to go through the whole process. They know what the market requires and all the laws involved. It is easier to hire professionals to ensure your business name is unique and of great quality!

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